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The Animal Girl by John Fulton


The stories in John Fulton's striking debut are set in cars, laundromats, motels, ranch houses, and roadside diners, where his characters struggle with the demands of family loyalty, love, loss, and sexual desire. A teenage girl attempts to lose her virginity while her mother dies at home; a middle-aged Casanova passes himself off as Barry Manilow -- much to the distress of his soon-to-be-fourth wife; two young boys accompany their increasingly unhinged mother on a journey of self-destruction across the Utah desert. Forthright and delicate, these stories mark the arrival of a welcome new talent in American fiction.

“The dynamic stories collected in John Fulton’s Retribution ...cover some tough emotional terrain in a delicately quirky voice that’s just right for revealing life’s dangers, debauches, and dead ends.” Elle

“A revelation in the controlled wildness of their tone and subject matter. They combine comedy and desperation in about equal measure, but they also contain a surprising tenderness, particularly concerning children and what they have to endure to become adults.  The title story is astonishingly, marvelously crafted, and in its heart-felt wisdom, it feels like a masterpiece.” —Charles Baxter

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Retribution by John Fulton

More Than Enough

After a gang of neighborhood boys attacks Steven and his sister Jenny and dislocate Steven’s shoulder, the Parkers live well on the resulting settlement money. Their dream of success seems fulfilled. But their period of high living soon ends, and each family member grasps at what they want most. Jenny, the 14-year-old baby of the family, longs for normalcy, a state she tries to achieve in her Mormon friends’ religion and life. A stubborn optimist, Steven’s father clings to his hopes of success even as his more practical wife longs for stability. For Steven, nothing is more important than keeping his teetering family together.


“Fulton cleverly uses the monochromatic Mormon society in this novel, against which the Parkers' collective oddity becomes a serious handicap. Steven's first-person narrative, rich with adolescent awkwardness and anger, hones the emotional edge of a family falling apart.”--The Baltimore Sun


“Fulton pins his characters painfully and honestly to the page.”--Guardian


“Make no mistake about it, this is one of the finest debuts in years.”--Dublin Sunday Tribune

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More Than Enough by John Fulton
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