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The Animal Girl by John Fulton

Praise for The Animal Girl

“In their exploration of loss, Fulton’s moving vignettes offer glimpses into all that is painful and hopeful and human.”—Booklist

“These short stories and novellas are crystallized fiction that manage to tell complete tales in a few pages….  Fulton does a careful, detailed job in limning the frustrating emotional life of his characters.”—Library Journal

“Fulton is a writer of transcendent understanding of human emotions. His decent and likeable characters lead lives that are shadowed by unbearable losses….  He has a deep feel for natural setting, and his descriptions recall Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories….  Fulton’s collection is another gem in the Yellow Shoes series.”—The Advocate

“John Fulton doesn't go for sly pop-culture references or verbal pyrotechnics in his short-story collection The Animal Girl. Instead, he zooms in on the emotions of his older characters who are attempting to find love. With Match.com and eHarmony, dating and romance seem easy and ordinary topics, but Fulton throws obstacles in the paths of his characters, and their reactions feel authentic and realistic.”—Bostonist.com

“The Animal Girl [is] a superbly crafted series of character studies mostly connected to themes of grief. Fulton finds a clear, unsentimental voice with which to capture the actions and feelings of people who don’t know quite how to deal with loss—whether it’s the death of an introverted teenage girl’s mother in the title story, or the comatose wife standing between two potential lovers in “The Sleeping Woman,” or one’s own impending mortality as a terminally ill divorcee begins a new romantic relationship in “Hunters.” The characters’ raw pain ripples out towards those close to them, resulting in fascinating narratives of misdirected anger and thwarted love.”—The Salt Lake City Weekly

“Highly recommended is The Animal Girl by John Fulton…. Fulton writes movingly and gracefully…never allowing himself to become mawkish.”—What’s Up

The Animal Girl is a unique collection that can make you smile, as Fulton superbly analyzes the humorous clumsiness of dating, and rip at your heart with the grim realities of death.  No one ever said love was easy, but reading about love in Fulton’s stories is worth the ride.”225 Baton Rouge

“As a storyteller, Fulton takes us to places that make us both uneasy and sympathetic. By the time he's scraped off the veneer of politeness and revealed the battered psyches beneath ordinary living, we are certain that we are experiencing the rarest moment of truth—a glimpse into the secret heart of ourselves.” —Jonis Agee, author of The Weight of Dreams

“Men and women in Fulton’s beautiful stories don’t fall in love. They creep into love, sidle into love, lower themselves step by uneasy step. They know that love’s promise is complex, and that joy and loss are tightly bound. The stories in The Animal Girl demonstrate, with grace and compassion, how fully their author understands that promise, how powerfully he can explore it, and how glorious and haunting is the result.”—Erin McGraw, author of The Good Life

“With exquisite grace and empathy, Fulton explores the aftershocks of loss and the necessary reconstruction of lives, spotlighting perfect, flailing acts of defiance as well as the delicacy of change…. These characters contend with animal longing, animal grief, and the harsh limits of individual agency, and with luck, re-claim the gifts of the present.  The Animal Girl is a beautiful collection.” —Nancy Reisman, author of The First Desire


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